Northwestern university admissions essay

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Admission Essay requirements. Personal Essay is required for undergraduate admisssions. Applicants to Northwestern complete two essays: the Common Application essay and the Northwestern Writing Supplement essay.

Northwestern University Undergraduate College Application Essays These Northwestern University college application essays were written by students accepted at Northwestern University.

Why Northwestern College Essay Example 1 – Northwestern Supplement

All of our sample college essays include the question prompt and the year written. Get Into Northwestern. Northwestern University currently ranks at #11 on the most recent US News and World Report’s list of National Universities, and at #21 on its list of Best Value wowinternetdirectory.comd inNorthwestern currently enrolls 8, undergraduate students, most of whom study on its main campus in Evanston, IL.

If Northwestern is one of your top choices, you should be able to succinctly explain why. Part of the Northwestern application includes a supplemental essay that asks you to elaborate on why you are applying to their school.

Follow this guide to write your supplemental essay and submit a competitive application. Applying to Northwestern? Follow this guide to write your supplemental essay and submit a competitive application.

Northwestern University is currently positioned at #11 in U.S. News and World Report’s National Universities Ranking.

5 Successful “Why Northwestern” Essay Intros

Since its founding. Why Northwestern College Essay Example 1 – Northwestern Supplement This is a college essay submitted by a student who graduated from Northwestern University.


Hopefully from reading this essay, you will be able to gain a better idea of what Northwestern University is looking for when answering the question, “Why Northwestern”.

Northwestern university admissions essay
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