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Essay in Support of the Electoral College

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Essay on why the electoral college is good

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The Electoral College is necessary to make every state important in the voting process. If you did not have the Electoral College, those who were running for office would only campaign in the major states, that way they could get the majority of the population/5(1).

In contrast, under the Electoral College, a candidate can’t simply promise everything to one section of the country and neglect another. Each candidate is forced to persuade the voters, state by state. POS Electoral College. This week we will be discussing the Electoral College and you have an essay concerning this topic.

Here are the instructions for the essay, which include some extra requirements not in the assignment directions (see all caps on the bottom of this announcement).

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For example, Wyoming has 3 Electoral College votes, and a population of just, people per Electoral College vote. California on the other. The Electoral College, the constitutional system for the election of the president and vice president of the United States.

It is the collective name for a group of electors, nominated by. The electoral college is the best way to elect a president In the Electoral College Votes were adjusted to account for population changes In and there were no faithless electors.

Electoral college essay example
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How should the electoral college be changed